Some videos


Many Malian children have never seen or have rarely seen Americans before. So, they are either extremely shy and a little frightened or they are really excited and want to approach you. These three kids were playing outside of our classroom on our first day in Mali. They would occasionally peek their heads in to get a look at us, and then whenever we looked over they would run away. They eventually warmed up however, and this is a video of me attempting to introduce myself and ask their names.

Driving through Mali

I took this video as we were driving on one of our first days. I know many people have been curious to see what Bamako actually looks like, and I think this gives a pretty good representation of what a typical (main) street looks like. However, Bamako is an extremely large city so their are many varying areas and neighborhoods that aren’t accounted for in this video.



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2 responses to “Some videos

  1. Sarah Thornburg

    Meena–Thank you so much for letting me live vicariously through your adventures. Soak it all up. For what it’s worth, the IB classroom misses you and your rich input, but I have to think you are much needed and much better served in Mali. I look forward to more postings, and if you do find a reliable internet source I would still love to somehow Skype with you if at all possible. Sending you good thoughts and well wishes–sthornburg

  2. Hey Mrs. Thornburg!

    I would love to chat with you and the IB class sometime! My host family actually has a pretty good wi-fi connection. It has a few problems and is a little slow, but for the most part skype has been working really well with my family and friends. I start school October 3rd, so maybe we can plan on sometime after that so I can share my impressions of Malian school with you all? I hope the school year is going well so far and that everyone isn’t too stressed out!


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